What is ExpeditionApparel?

Have you wondered what exactly ExpeditionApparel is? Some of you may have seen our recent full-page advertisement in the Winter 2011 issue of Overland Journal, visited this site and wondered “what are these guys trying to do?”

The short answer: we want to sell you clothes. The long answer: we want to be the premiere expedition and overland apparel site on the internet. A visitor to our site should be able to find all the products they need for an expedition – wether it’s a weekend outing or a trans-continental rally.

Here’s a little snippet from the About Us page: “Packing clothing for an overland expedition is always a challenge— style, weight, functionality, available space, and climate all influence your choices. The best gear may not be available locally, and searching online may only make things more confusing. Many companies in other industries make expedition-quality apparel but it can be difficult to identify since it’s not marketed with the overland traveller in mind.

ExpeditionApparel aims to solve all these problems. The team at ExpeditionApparel is focused on selecting the best overland clothing, outerwear, and accessories for the overland traveller. The goal is to unite a great selection of products from many different manufacturers that are overland tested, expedition tough.”

The official ExpeditionApparel launch is imminent! Stay tuned.

– Charlie

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