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Packing clothing for an overland expedition is always a challenge— style, weight, functionality, available space, and climate all influence your choices. The best gear may not be available locally, and searching online may only make things more confusing. Many companies in other industries make expedition-quality apparel but it can be difficult to identify since it’s not marketed with the overland traveler in mind.

ExpeditionApparel aims to solve all these problems. The team at ExpeditionApparel is focused on selecting the best overland clothing, outerwear, and accessories for the overland traveler. The goal is to unite a great selection of products from many different manufacturers that are overland tested, expedition tough.

Why buy from ExpeditionApparel?

Experience. Everyone at eXa has significant overland travel experience, and the site, store, and inventory have been designed from the ground up to cater to you, the overland traveler.

eXa will be launching with three core brands: Mountain Khakis, Ex Officio, and Outdoor Research. As eXa grows, more manufacturers and types of apparel and accessories will be added.

How did this happen?

ExpeditionApparel originated from a series of conversations in early 2011 concerning a possible South American expedition. Space in a vehicle is limited and South America is a large continent with just about every type of climate and weather – how can an overland traveler prepare for all this?

Participants soon began sharing their favorite types of clothing and manufacturers. As the list grew, the question on everyone’s mind was obvious – why is there no one-stop overland-centric apparel site?

Our solution: start one!


The ExpeditionApparel team was formally owned by : Charles and Dave Nordstrom.

Charles Nordstrom has an international travel background, having visited 51 countries on 5 continents. He has completed overland expeditions in North America (including Central America), Europe, Asia, and Australia. He completed the 2010 Mongol Rally with Scott Brady and considers this to be his finest achievement. Charles is also ExpeditionApparel’s resident backpacker and loves bare-bones international travel, no matter whether by bus, train, boat, or car.

Dave Nordstrom has visited over 25 countries in his 50+ years on planet Earth and understands the importance of selecting mission appropriate apparel. He is a passionate fly fisherman and overland traveler, both of which can require careful clothing and gear choices.

New Owners

Expedition Apparel is currently owned and operated by Greg & Sommer Velazquez. Greg & Sommer have been part of the four wheel drive and Overland community for 20+ years. They both are passionate about educating and providing technical clothes for your adventure. Come meet us at our next event.

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